Our commitment to client privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Please be assured that Cyber Network City Inc. takes every available measure to secure the privacy of our customers.
Our facilities are manned with 24 x 7 security personnel. Badge/photo ID access screening are employed for an added level of security. Sensitive security areas within the facilities are protected security breach alarms, and video cameras installed throughout the facilities are continuously monitored by security personnel. In addition to physical security, we also provide network security offering intelligent, multilayer access control that can be utilized to protect the network from the impact of attacks. Our network is compliant with Visa and MasterCard Cardholder Information Security standards while we constantly maintain our security to meet current standards in the ever changing world of technology.

Customer information such as name, address and telephone number may be verified between Cyber Network City Inc. and your credit card issuing bank for security purposes. Information is not shared with any other parties.

Should you have any questions regarding our security and/or privacy policies, please feel free to contact us by phone at 808-550-0345 or email to sales@cyber-network-city.com


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